Show Notes

In the last podcast for the year, Jo is on the other side of the microphone! Dr Natalie Challis (neuro-psychotherapist) and Leigh Shinde (neuro-nutritionist) recently interviewed Jo for their program, “Love Your Anxious Child“, on her experiences of supporting and parenting an anxious child. They discuss the importance of building connection with your children, spending the time to understand what they’re going through and what helps, and really being an advocate for your children in a world that can be very harsh and overwhelming for those with anxiety or developmental disorders.

Dr Nat says, “I really wanted the mums in our program to hear from another mum who’s been through the hard yards, that they CAN do this, and that life does turn out great, and you can enjoy the teenage years! Don’t listen to all the critics, everything turns out for the best, these children were given to us for a reason. Mums really appreciate hearing from someone who’s done it, who’s been there, and has come out the other side – still smiling!” (Photo above: Jo and her son Isaac celebrating his graduation from grade 12 this year!)

Listen in as Jo talks about:

  • understanding your child’s needs, and adjusting their environment to help them thrive
  • the foundational importance of building connection and relationship with your children
  • why ‘pushing’ your child too hard can cause set backs
  • being an advocate for your child in a society that doesn’t always understand them
  • her decision to homeschool and how that worked for them
  • the importance of encouraging a love of learning and creativity in your kids
  • how she trusted her gut instincts and worked through healing with her kids
  • how she coped with the judgement and expectations of others and rejected the ‘mother shame’
  • her top tips for parenting children who are happy, confident and connected

For more one on one help with your anxious child, we recommend Dr Nat and Leigh’s program, “Love Your Anxious Child“. As a special offer for our listeners, use the code “Love100” to receive the Love Phase for only $97! Over 50% off!

Learn more about Dr Nat and Leigh and the work they do, here.