Show Notes

Have you ever wished you could just get rid of all the clutter that weighs you down, sell your house or rent it out, reduce what you own to what you can take with you in a caravan, take your kids out of school, throw away the to-do list, leave the city behind, and travel Australia with your family? No deadlines, no pressure, nowhere you have to be, off on an adventure under the wide open skies with those you love…. Sounds like a dream come true, huh! Most of us are not brave enough to make it happen, but those who do it say they have NEVER regretted it!!

Meet Justine of More Stories, Less Stuff. Justine and her hubby Phil did just this – packed up, left Melbourne, and have been travelling Australia with their three girls for the past nine months – and they don’t have an end date in sight. Justine says, “I began the minimalist journey and decluttered us out of a home!” And they definitely don’t regret it.

Jo was lucky enough to meet this gorgeous family last week as they were travelling in her home area, the Atherton Tablelands, and she persuaded them to hang around for the week. Little did Justine realise that when she popped over for a cuppa, Jo would rope her into doing a podcast…. 😀

This is a great interview – fascinating and fun, with many gems of truth that families will benefit from, whether they’re dreaming about travelling around Australia, or just want to simplify their life and spend a more quality time with their family. They chat about:

  • how to begin working towards travelling with kids
  • simplifying your life, and learning to make do with less
  • what they most love about being on the road together, and how it has helped their family
  • how an anxious child who doesn’t like change will benefit from this kind of experience
  • how they cook while on the road (mostly without power)
  • challenges they faced and how they overcame them
  • working while travelling, and what it looks like for them
  • simple ways to spend quality time together as a family
  • becoming part of the Traveling Australia with Kids community, and making new friends on the road!

You can follow Justine, Phil and the girls on their travels here:

Facebook: More Stories, Less Stuff

Instagram: @morestorieslessstuff