Show Notes

Dr Natalie Challis (neuro-psychotherapist) and Leigh Shinde (neuro-nutritionist) of the Kids Development Centre in Perth join us once again for another fascinating interview on the study of the brain, and how QEEG’s (brain imaging) can give parents a clearer picture of why their child is struggling, and the steps that can be taken to heal. Dr Nat and Leigh use the Biopsychosocial Model – an interdisciplinary model that looks at the interconnection between biology, psychology, and socio-environmental factors. The model specifically examines how these aspects play a role in topics ranging from health and disease models to human development. In this interview we delve deeper into how practitioners can use this model to work out an effective plan to reduce distress in the patient. Dr Nat and Leigh also help us to understand how inflammation is one of the key drivers of anxiety symptoms and how finding your child’s inflammatory triggers and then reducing those triggers will reduce anxiety symptoms.

A very fascinating and practical podcast that any parent with an anxious or distressed child MUST listen to!

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Also listen in here to our first podcast with Dr Nat and Leigh, Childhood Anxiety & the Inflamed Brain.

About Dr Natalie Challis and Leigh Shinde:
Dr. Nat is a specialist in children’s brain health. She is a Board-Certified Diplomate in QEEG – the highest qualification level achievable globally in her field. As a Psychotherapist specialising in Neurobiology, Dr. Challis has QEEG mapped 1000’s of children, allowing parents the unique experience of seeing into their child’s brain. This view helps parents to understand the neurological reasons behind their child’s behaviour of fear, anxiety and avoidance.

Leigh is a children’s Neuro-Nutrition Expert. She holds a Bachelor of Science with postgraduates in both Human Nutrition, and Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. As a Neuro-Nutritionist she investigates how food, additives, nutritional deficiencies, gut health and genetics can impact on your child’s neurological and physiological development.