Show Notes

Many of us go through a period in our lives where we begin to question the work we do and our career goals and decide we want to find work that is more fulfilling, that gives us purpose, and that brings connection with like-minded people.

Maybe you have been out of the workforce for a few years because you’ve been busy with babies and small children; or maybe you’ve had to take a break due to health issues, and now you feel a bit lost and not sure how to begin finding work that will ‘fill your bucket’ as well as your bank account!

That was the case for Jo, who put her graphic design career on hold to begin a family, then realised after 10 years of being home with kids that her career no longer fit in with who she was and what she wanted to do in life. Helen Marshall of Primal Alternative also had this predicament – she left the corporate world to have kids, went through a major change in her diet and lifestyle, and when she was ready to begin working again she knew she needed to find something that fits better with her young family.

Jo and Helen discuss how to find fulfillment in your work, and Helen shares her dream of giving women the opportunity to build their own business doing something they love, something that has a purpose, is family-friendly, promotes good health, and fosters beautiful connections.

We love what Helen is doing with her community based business, Primal Alternativecheck it out here. If you’d like to know what’s involved in starting your own Primal Alternative franchise you can find out more here.

Helen also does health coaching, and has her own podcast: Primal Alternative Podcast

Primal Alternative are the producers of our Quirky Cooking Grain Free Pastry (and our Sweet Potato Pastry), and will be stocking more of our products soon!

From the Intro:

Jo has been in the Northern Territory cooking at the Hope for Health retreat for the past week. Find out more about Hope for Health and the work they are doing to improve the health of Indigenous Australians, here.

Interested in the Hope for Health “Together Retreat”, June 2019? Learn more here.