Show Notes

In this episode, you get two discussions on health and wellness topics for the price of one! 😀 The main interview is on supporting parents of kids with developmental disorders to eat well, and the importance of play therapy in helping to change your child’s diet for the better. Plus in the intro, we discuss another topic you’ll find very interesting – how the lifestyle in Spain impacts their longevity, and what we can learn from their way of life!

Intro: Jo introduces listeners to her friend Victor Garrido (a tour guide and quirky cook in Spain), and they chat as they drive through South Spain about the Spanish way of life, and why Spanish people generally enjoy long, healthy lives despite some habits that would seem to work against health and wellness. Once again we see it demonstrated that good health is so much more than just a great diet!

Victor Garrido runs the We Love Malaga tour company in South Spain, and is a long-time follower of Quirky Cooking. He is passionate about sharing his country and its history and culture with visitors to Spain, loves to cook, and his history and food tours are well worth experiencing!

You can find Victor at @boke and @welovemalaga on Instagram, and on the We Love Malaga website. You will find reviews for his tours here on Trip Advisor. If you’re thinking of visiting Spain, we highly recommend looking him up!

Main Interview: Jo interviews her friend Crystel Poggioli (Paediatric Occupational Therapist and GAPS Practitioner) who works with special needs kids and super fussy eaters about the strategies she uses in therapy sessions to help them learn to eat well. She discusses why healing food is so vital for reducing the symptoms of ADHD/ADD/Anxiety, the importance of play therapy, and many of the strategies she uses to help support these children.

Crystel Poggioli has been a Paediatric Occupational Therapist for over 23 years with a range of experience including Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane; the inclusive education system in Vancouver, Canada; and working all over Far North Queensland in the education and health system.

She established The Whole Child in 2011 and has been providing holistic occupational therapy services to children and families ever since. Having a private practice allows Crystel to blend her passion for natural health, down-to-earth strategies including gut healing and play therapy.

Crystel had the privilege of training in person with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to become a Certified GAPS practitioner, and she loves how occupational therapy and GAPS work together so well to bring healing and recovery.

The Whole Child provides occupational therapy and GAPS services in the clinic, in the community and via Skype or email. As well an online shop stocks products that Crystel really believes in (10% discount on books for the month of February).

At the same time Crystel is blessed with her own family life – and on a homeschooling journey with 6 children… so far they’ve been homeschooling for 10 years, with the youngest being 3 and the eldest 15. Crystel finds that above all else being a mum is the biggest self-development program you could ever embark on!

You can find out more about Crystel and on her website, The Whole Child

You can also connect with Crystel on Facebook, The Whole Child