Show Notes

Sharon Collon of The Functional Family is passionate about supporting families with special needs. She loves to share step by step, practical strategies and solutions to improve your daily life and routine, helping to reduce the stress and overwhelm that parents of special needs kids are often dealing with. Over the past ten years she has researched and tested these strategies in her own family, teaching her children the skills they need for life, and helping many other families she has come into contact with. She is big on life hacks that really work, and big on getting results to get your family to a place where you have time for adventure, laughter and joy!

Sharon’s online course, Calming the Chaos, offers life changing strategies to parents who have a child or children with ADD, ADHD or anxiety.  This course offers practical information about how to structure the home to assist the whole family. It tackles everything from organising your home, creating routines and systems, becoming your childs’ advocate, and transitioning your child from activities, to creating joy in your home. Everything that you need to survive and thrive as a parent of a child with special needs.

We are shaping future adults. Right now it might be a child who has trouble brushing their teeth and getting ready, but in the future it could be the adult who can’t get to work on time.  It’s so important to teach them the skills now, so they can grow up to be functional, happy and well-adjusted adults.

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