Show Notes

“You know how this is supposed to be the season of joy? Well, I don’t know about you, but most years I feel like I’m just running around in the kitchen like a mad woman! I actually want to have time to sit down… time to DO the joy, and to SHARE the time. It’s very much about being organised and having a game plan, but also having stacks of simple recipes that you can mix and match and use in different ways, and dress up or down. I’m really keen on mixing and matching, I love putting a whole lot of things out on the table so people can take a bit of this or a bit of that. And you know what I really like about that? I like that it brings people together. You’re not just preparing things and putting it on their plate, they’re actually involved in the meal.” (Jude Blereau)

“You know what I also like about this approach? …[The food is] put out in a way where you have to take a bowl, and when you’re pouring for yourself you have to pour for the person next to you, so it makes you of service to the people around you. So you’re sharing a meal in a really communal way… you’re actually connecting with someone as you pass the plate to them… and no matter how the year has been with them, if you put something on their plate an exchange of gratitude takes place.” (Fouad Kassab)

In our last podcast for 2018, we sit down with Jude Blereau of Wholefood Cooking for a wonderful chat about food that nourishes both body and soul, and how to make the Christmas season a beautiful time of connection and joy.

Grab a cuppa and and join us around the kitchen table, as we discuss:

  • Delicious, whole food dinner party ideas
  • How to create a Christmas dinner that brings everyone together in a beautiful way
  • Some traditional recipes that need to be brought back
  • Making space in your life for the things you want to do
  • Pre-Christmas pot luck dishes – great recipes to make and take
  • Wholefood desserts, seasonal foods, roasting a turkey
  • Why ‘keeping things simple’ is not about quick recipes, it’s about getting organised
  • Avoiding the food pressure and enjoying this time with family & friends
  • Bringing joy and deliciousness to your Christmas table!

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