Show Notes

This week Jo chats with Becky Plotner (naturopathic doctor and certified GAPS Practitioner) about some of the most common GAPS questions. In their last podcast together, Becky shared the science behind how the gut works and how it is damaged, and how to begin the healing process. In this second podcast, Becky answers questions from our listeners, covering subjects such as:

  • how to make a nutritious, healing meat stock (and how meat stock helps to heal the gut)
  • natural relief for headaches
  • how to deal with adrenal fatigue
  • working through constipation and diarrhoea
  • how to deal with candida
  • what to do when kids will only eat limited veggies
  • how to support the body when having surgery
  • important factors to look at besides GAPS when working on healing
  • and lots more!

Helpful Links:

Becky’s website, Nourishing Plot

Our last podcast with Becky, “Healing with Food”

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