Show Notes

Are you doing all you can to eat well and live low-tox, but still finding you are low on energy, suffering from brain fog, having trouble sleeping, struggling with adrenal fatigue, fertility issues, or can’t lose weight? These can be symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, and are becoming more and more common in our society.

In this episode, Wendy Myers of Myers Detox shares with us the reasons for the increase in heavy metal toxicity, talks us through the symptoms, and gives many practical tips for detoxing, including the use of near infrared saunas. You’ll find more information on her website, Myers Detox, and can also tune into her podcast here.

Useful Links:

Our online program to help with a detoxing diet: Quirky Cooking for Gut Health

Grain free, whole food baking (including our premade Grain-Free Dough) as mentioned in the podcast: Primal Alternatives