Show Notes

For those of you with young children, this podcast is a must! Our guest, Dr Leila Masson, is a paediatrician and lactation consultant who uses a biomedical approach to treat gastro-intestinal, metabolic, immunologic or other problems impacting a child’s physical and mental health.

Dr Leila specialises in autism, ADHD, behaviour problems, OCD, recurrent infections, nutritional deficiencies, breastfeeding, asthma and allergies, and answers many of our listeners questions on these topics.

Useful Links:

For a great, practical book on natural children’s health, we highly recommend Dr Leila’s book, ‘Children’s Health from A to Z’. (Also available on Kindle)

Dr Leila Masson’s website

Buteyko Breathing technique for reducing asthma symptoms

Dr Leila’s Facebook page