Show Notes

Soulla Chamberlain is a health educator and the owner of Star Anise Organic Wholefoods Broth Bar & Larder, a Sydney-based whole foods store. A former macrobiotic vegan, Soulla has had a remarkable health journey, healing her body by switching to a nutritionally dense ancestral diet. Having been exposed to the work of Dr Weston A Price and attending a seminar by the incredible Sally Fallon, Soulla’s mission is to educate people on the benefits of ancestral eating. In this episode she discusses this topic that is dear to our hearts and gives clear and helpful instructions to those who are starting or already on the health journey. We feel this podcast can be used as a Wholefoods 101 course, as it provides such a wonderful overview of this powerful and life-changing approach.

Links from show:

Star Anise Organics: You can find Soulla’s online store here.

Healing Balms: These are the natural healing balms from Good Mood Food which we mentioned on the show, including the Black Poultice which is used for drawing out thorns, splinters and other foreign objects – amazing stuff!!!

Solidteknics Non-Toxic Pans: We love these naturally non-stick, Aussie pans! You can get 10% off if you use the code 10QCP.

Life-Changing Food: If you need help with cooking nutrient dense, whole food meals for your family, you’ll find our cookbook invaluable! Recipes include both Thermomix and conventional methods, and multiple variations for different dietary challenges.