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100NO 348: 80 and on fire with Shona Olykan

Episode 348
02, Dec, 2019
}26 Minutes

Show Notes

Shona Olykan joins us for the third time on 100 Not Out!

Shona has been featured on episodes 111 and 199.

Shona recently turned 80 and to celebrate she has decided to join us in Sardinia next year for our first 100 Not Out Sardinian Longevity Experience.. This comes four years after joining us in Ikaria for our first Greek Island Longevity Experience.

On this episode, we discuss what Shona has implemented in the four years since going to Ikaria, and why, at age 80, she feels called to come and join us in Sardinia.

When most people are “slowing down”, Shona Olykan is just warming up.

As a retirement coach and the founder of Retire On Fire, Shona’s wisdom on retiring INTO something rather than OUT OF something is timeless and invaluable wisdom.

We hope you love hearing Shona share her knowledge and insights as much as we enjoyed interviewing her.

To join us in Sardinia or Ikaria or both in 2020, simply go to www.100notout.com – check out all the info and then apply.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

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