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TWG 361: Low Carb, Healthy Fat with Steph Lowe

Episode 361
20, Aug, 2018
}32 Minutes

Show Notes

This week Brett and Damian welcome back The Natural Nutritionist, Steph Lowe. Not only is Steph the host of The Real Food Reel on The Wellness Couch, and author of several excellent books, she is also one of our speakers at The Wellness Summit this weekend sharing her awesome message. In this interview, Steph explains to us what Low Carb, Healthy Fat means, why food quality is so important and why she believes that the key to good health is not only focusing on real food but also making sure that you are personalising the approach to the individual. Her new book Low Carb, Healthy Fat Nutrition is available for pre-order now and is going to be an absolute winner!

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