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TNN 75: Taking Responsibility For Your Health

Episode 75
01, May, 2019
}26 Minutes

Show Notes

We’re grateful to have fellow naturopath and nutritionist (and author and soon to be podcaster), Katherine Maslen.

On this episode, we speak about how people get sick, why they get sick and how a shift is in place where people are taking more responsibility to look after themselves.

Katherine shares her extraordinary health journey which has inspired her work to this day.

We also speak about emotional wellness, which if you have followed me for awhile, you will know that is an important part of any healing journey.

Katherine gives us some insights on her brand new podcast The Shift which is being released soon, it’s super exciting! Tune into the preview on Soundcloud here (

For more information about Katherine and to get your hands on her bestselling book, Get Well Stay Well, head to:

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