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TNN 74: Behind The Scenes With Tammy Guest

Episode 74
17, Apr, 2019
}29 Minutes

Show Notes

This episode features fellow naturopath and now natural health business mentor, Tammy Guest. We take a behind the scenes look at the back-end of running a healing business, this one is more for the practitioners but would be interesting for anyone to take a sneak peek into what it’s like for us!

Tammy speaks about her challenges of suffering from adrenal fatigue – complete burnout from running her own successful naturopathy clinic. This inspired her first book, as well as launching her business mentoring path. Tammy speaks about the “natupreneur” movement, and how helping natural health practitioners creates a positive ripple effect on the world.

An insightful conversation into the business of natural health and healing!

Find out more about Tammy Guest- and me at and follow us both on Instagram @tammyguests / @mgherbsofficial

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