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TNN 42: Food, Mood & More

Episode 42
15, May, 2018
}44 Minutes

Show Notes

On this episode, Mel chats to the lovely Lolly from The Bliss Bomb Project.

Being an ex-chef, Lolly has experienced the journey of burnout that seems to be so common in the hospitality industry, going through anxiety and depression before stumbling upon a new career in natural health and is now studying as a naturopath.

She has a gorgeous website where she shares her favourite whole food recipes, alongside interesting information about natural health products and glimpses into her life as a student, mum and wife.

Lolly and Mel enjoy a great chat about adrenal fatigue, food and food shaming, emotions around food, food as medicine, community building and so much more!

Tune in for an informative and fun chat, find out more about Lolly here and on social media @theblissbombproject

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