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SHY 59: Bella Zanesco – Coming back from corporate burnout

Episode 59
24, Jan, 2018
}39 Minutes

Show Notes

Meet Bella Zanesco – a life and wellbeing strategist. She helps professionals plan for and bring their A-game to their life, career and relationships. She’s also world champion sailor and kiteboarder.

In her previous corporate life she delivered over $5billion in new revenues to Fortune 500 companies including Pepsi Co, Sainsbury’s, Reed Elsevier, Unilever, and The Royal Mail.

Despite all these successes Bella hit a massive hurdle when she succumbed to adrenal failure and burnout.

“I ended up in the foetal position in my mother’s arms.”

It was this rock bottom time that prompted Bella to sit up an re-evaluate her whole life.

“I had quite a severe bout of depression, and literally my daily goals were making a green smoothie, making the bed, and going for a walk.”

After nursing her body (and mind!) back to health, she dug deep to find out why things went so wrong.

She identified “a cluster of screwups” that had happened in her work, relationships and in her physical and mental self care. And she became curious about how other women around the world were faring as they juggled career, relationships, health and their financial goals.

So she created a worldwide survey that turned into a global wellbeing report on women and happiness (high achiever, much?).

Her research uncovered some mind blowing stats:
– Only 15% of women aged 19-49 said they were happy.
– 50% had a mental health issue related to their work.
– 71% felt they didn’t have the energy to do what they wanted to do.

Her book ‘Smart Girls Screw Up Too – The no-nonsense guide to creating the life you want’ has just been released and incorporates this research of 2,000 women, details her own experiences and provides a platform for working women to come back to themselves and figure out what’s most important.

Find out why Bella thinks women have become detached from our true biological nature.

“When we are in our true feminine state, we are procreators, we are nurturers, we are collaborators, we are carers, we have the ability to support and nurture generations.”

Discover why we need to channel our “needy bitch” and learn to say “no” more often to protect our energy and live a life that’s authentic and fully expressed.

“Your CV is not your eulogy.”

What do YOU want to be remembered for? At the end of your days, will you wish you stressed more, worked more, played more, or loved more? If you feel trapped on a hamster wheel or in a lifestyle that feels constantly out of control, or if you feel like you’ve lost your true self somewhere along the way, tune in – this podcast is for YOU.

This interview isn’t about inspiration, it’s about ACTION.

“Happiness definitely can be a choice, but it’s one of those things where you have to continually work at it.”

This is one of my most favourite interviews ever – so I hope you enjoy it!

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And her book can be found at all the great bookstores, including Booktopia and Amazon.


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