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RFR 258: The Game Changers – Documentary Persuasion with Julianne Taylor

Episode 258
09, Jan, 2020
}55 Minutes

Show Notes

In episode 258 of The Real Food Reel we are joined by Julianne Taylor, New Zealand based registered nurse and nutritionist with a particular interest in diets for improving autoimmune disease, blood glucose control and general health. In today’s episode, Julianne and I take a look at the techniques of persuasion used in the documentary, The Game Changers. You might be thinking, but we’ve already discussed this? Hold on right there, we’re looking at things through a different lens, to help you view all documentaries in new light. We explore nutrition misinformation, anti-meat bias, expert bias, if athletes can be plant-based and thrive, and so much more.


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Listen to RFR 251 The Game Changers – Fuelled by Fallacies with Steph Lowe & Kale Brock here:

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