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RFR 189: Debunking Myths with Dr Phil Maffetone

Episode 189
13, Sep, 2018
}57 Minutes

Show Notes

In Episode 189 of The Real Food Reel we are joined by our very good friend Dr Phil Maffetone. He needs no introduction but I wanted to share with you Phil’s credo that “everyone is an athlete.” As a health and fitness trendsetter he has perhaps had more positive impact on a wider variety of people than anyone in modern history. From professional and Olympic athletes in virtually every sport, to average people from all walks of life, his system for achieving optimum human performance by tapping into the body’s fat-burning system has helped millions of people achieve their goals in sports, business and life. In today’s episode Phil and I debunk the myths: “MAF doesn’t work for me” and “Eating low carb makes me lose my top end”. This is an incredible episode where you will learn how to transform your aerobic energy system, burn fat, and eat to support your health, performance and athletic longevity.

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