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HSW 77: Shift Work, Fertility and Pregnancy with Melanie McGrice

Episode 77
28, Mar, 2019
}38 Minutes

Show Notes

In today’s episode Melanie McGrice, who is a fertility and prenatal dietitian based down in Melbourne in Victoria, is chatting with us about how diet and nutrition can influence fertility and pregnancy whilst working 24/7.  We also discuss a few questions that were submitted by our listeners around conception, along with the effects on baby (if any), when working rotating shifts.

Melanie is the founder of Nutrition Plus Women’s Nutrition Clinics which provide specialist fertility and prenatal nutrition support around Australia, including online programs on nutrition for mothers-to-be.  She is a wealth of knowledge in this area so if you’re thinking about having a baby, then tune into this great conversation with Melanie!

Links mentioned on the podcast:

Research studies:
5 dietary changes which led to a 69% increase in conception within 12 months.
Effects on baby when working rotating shifts

Melanie’s website –
Melanie’s YouTube channel – ‘Nourish with Melanie’
5 Foods to improve egg quality

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