Paul Bergamo




Paul completed his Chiropractic degree in 1995. He then completed a Post Graduate Diploma (Nutrition) in 2003 from Deakin University and is in his ninth year of lecturing nutrition to Chiropractic students at RMIT University.

Paul been Owner and Principal Chiropractor of Bergamo Chiropractic and Nutrition Centre, a multi- disciplinary centre in Boronia, Victoria, Australia, since 2000.  This centre offers General Chiropractic, Paediatric Chiropractic, Functional Neurology, QEEG, Pondera Balance Platform, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Footlevelers, Myotherapy and Massage Therapy. 

He is currently over three quarters of the way through the Carrick Post Graduate Neurology program. Paul is also Chair of the Nutrition and Supplementation Interest Group (NASIG) for the Chiropractic Association of Australia (CAA) and is a director of the CAA Vic Branch.

Paul lives in Ringwood North with his wife Arienne and two children: Kiara and Caleb.