Jo Whitton

Jo Whitton lives with her family in country Far North Queensland, Australia, where I run my Quirky Cooking business from home and enjoy the country life. I have always loved cooking, and was blessed to grow up in a family where whole food cooking was the norm. My mum encouraged us to learn to cook from an early age, and cooking for me became a way to express my creativity, as well as a way to nurture my family.

Despite eating mostly wholefoods, however, I struggled with food intolerances as a child (not knowing what was making me sick). As I got older, my health grew worse. When my own children came along, they also had similar health issues, and I began to search for solutions. I started experimenting with alternate ingredients, and healthier versions of old favourites. At the end of 2008, I decided to share my creations on a blog (Quirky Cooking) to help those who also needed healthy, allergy-friendly recipes. In May 2014, I published my Quirky Cooking cookbook with Thermomix in Australia, and within a week it was a best seller. I began to teach in seminars and classes, showing how and why I cook the way I do, and sharing my recipes and tips with audiences all over Australia and overseas.

Over the last couple of years, my focus has shifted from ‘allergy friendly’ to ‘gut healing’, as I began to understand the importance of a healthy digestive system for overall health. My son’s struggles with severe anxiety and OCD led us to the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet, in an effort to heal his brain by healing his gut. I decided to start this podcast to document our journey of healing through GAPS, as well as to share the stories and research of others on a similar mission.

I began the podcast with the help of my friend and health coach, Leah Follett, who has since moved on to spend more time in her coaching business and writing books to help others on their journeys to good health. Our mutual friend, Fouad Kassab, has now joined me as co-host, and we look forward to sharing the microphone with the many inspiring and knowledgeable people we meet during our journeys to good health.

Podcast Shows

A Quirky Journey

Jo Whitton and Fouad Kassab share their families’ journeys to good health. Learn why they chose to undertake a GAPS/Paleo diet approach and how it works out in their everyday lives. You will find an abundance of tips, recipes, stories and inspiration.

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A Quirky Journey
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A Quirky Journey
Episode 150
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