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AQJ 155: Quarantine Cuisine, with Jo and Fouad

Episode 155
10, Apr, 2020
}72 Minutes

Show Notes

Join Jo and Fouad for a lighthearted chat about food, family, and life during lockdown! They discuss ‘quarantine cuisine’, what they’re cooking, how they’re coping, and ways they are finding the positives in the current situation.

Jo and Fouad answer readers questions about:

  • how to make do with what you’ve got in the fridge, freezer and pantry
  • ideas for snacks and easy meals to keep the family filled up and happy
  • how to cope on a special diet (like GAPS) while in lockdown
  • foods that boost the immune system and reduce inflammation
  • simple fermented foods to make at home
  • bulking out meals to save money
  • how to support local farmers and producers
  • how to keep the stress levels low

Note: Readers sent in so many questions on this topic that they couldn’t all be answered in one podcast, so Jo will be answering many of them in her Instagram and Facebook stories, and in an upcoming blog post on Quirky Cooking. If you’d like to add your questions, send them to [email protected]

Useful Links:

Preparing Your Pantry to “Stay at Home” – article by Jo

Livestream Webinars with Jo & Elyse Comerford, “Nourishing Your Family”

Life-Changing Food cookbook or iOS app, for delicious, whole food recipes!

Fouad’s hummus recipe – visit his instagram to watch him making it!

Fermented foods to make at home (recipes for beginners)

Willow & Sage Mushroom Teas & other immune support

Contact Fouad about web design at @fookassab on Instagram!

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