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AQJ 126: Q&A with Jo & Foo

Episode 126
12, Oct, 2018
}79 Minutes

Show Notes

Calorie restriction, colitis, leaky gut, nourishment in time of stress, weight gain, weight loss, kids that don’t eat vegetables – these and much more are on today’s agenda. Jo and Foo take questions from listeners for a session of ‘Ask Us Anything’. Join us for another information packed episode of A Quirky Journey!

Useful Links:

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Our Life-Changing Food Cookbook for simple nourishing meals

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Podcast: Ulcerative Colitis and Changing Your Mindset for Healing

Vegetarianism Explained by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride

Fouad’s “Fire, Feast, Fable” Event

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Jo Whitton and Fouad Kassab share their families’ journeys to good health. Learn why they chose to undertake a GAPS/Paleo diet approach and how it works out in their everyday lives. You will find an abundance of tips, recipes, stories and inspiration.

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