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UC 172: The Essential Miracle

Episode 172
15, Mar, 2016
}47 Minutes

Show Notes

This week Carren and Kim are talking all about their brand new collaboration called ‘The Essential Miracle Retreat’ to be held on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland 10th – 12th June 2016! If you would like to spend a weekend with these two here’s a taster of what you can expect! 


Everyone has been asking us how we do it. We’ve been getting calls, emails and requests for the last three years asking how we create magic and magnificence with such ease (especially NOW given how tough life can get ). How do we keep surrounding ourselves with abundance, bliss and peace when life has thrown Carren challenge after challenge in the form of suicide, terrorism and illness and for Kim, how does she keep the home fires burining and the family functioning when her own yearning for greater experience and growth often forces her to chose her focus.


At The Essential Miracle Retreat we are peeling back the curtain to share EVERYTHING we know about creating a purposeful life and living with powerful, profitable intentions day after day. Taking you behind the scenes of self mentorship, self discovery and self realisation, you’ll be doing a new dance in no time!’ Carren and Kim 



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