Show Notes

Travel Tips – Kim, Carren and Cyndi love to travel, they are all experienced with traveling around the country and internationally.  Carren is off on a beautiful trip around Europe and this prompts them to talk about all things travel, from security, currency, travelling with children, essential oils, food, time zone changes, things to pack, healthy first aid kit, luggage weight and much more.

Travel Checklist
Superfood Powders – especially Greenfood & Probiotics
Essential Oils – Twenty8 Immune Boost, Instant Calm, Energy & Vitality and Lavender
Olive Leaf Throat Spray
Smelling Salts – Himalayan Rock Salt, 5 drops of each Immune Boost, Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils
Electrical Adapters – iPhone
Healthy Food Snacks like Date Squishy’s, Fruit and Nut Slice, Nuts and Seeds
Travel Insurance – either a yearly one or look at a credit card supplier
Currency – eftpos card and emergency credit card
Personal Care Products – natural skincare, shampoo and conditioner
Water – drink plenty of it
Oregano Oil
Natural Hand Wipes
Natural Washing Powder
Emergency First Aid Kit – including homeopathics like Arnica, Rescue Remedy, plasters
Blender – Thermomix, Bamix or Blender – if easy to take
Tea Bags
Homeopathic Melatonin
Adapt to the arriving city timeline as soon as you depart
Sewing Kit
Yoga Mat
Swim suit for swimming at hotel pool