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TWG 151: Overfed and Undernourished the Movie

Episode 151
02, Jun, 2014
}33 Minutes

Show Notes

The Wellness Guys Laurence and Damian delve deep into the motivations of Chiropractor Dr Anthony Golle and Kate Golle, the brains behind the movie to get to the heart of our modern day disease epidemic – OBESITY. This ground breaking documentary style movie starring Don Tolman, Dr John DeMartini, Dr Arne Rubenstein and Joe Cross amongst others, shares the story and life of a 13 year old young man learning to tackle life.

We live in a world with increasing levels of Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Obesity. Over 70% of foods we consume on a daily basis are processed and according to the World Health Organisation, if current trends continue one billion people will be obese by 2030. With our fast paced life, we have become reliant and connected to devices, TVs, computers,
tablets and smartphones and disconnected with the earth and people around us. After heartache, in an attempt to transform his life, 11 year old Liam weighing over 80kg (176lbs) seeks help from his aunty and uncle. Through one boy’s inspiring journey we witness the highs and lows that unite his family, as he gains his health from the inside-out.

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