Show Notes

The boys have gone rogue and Laurence brings in a special guest host, his wife Karen, on this episode. If there is one show you do NOT want to miss, it is this one!

In episode 305, Karen and Laurence have the privilege of chatting to the very talented and amazing J.J. Virgin.

J.J. is a mother of two, a highly successful entrepreneur and business woman with certifications in Nutrition, Fitness, Personal Training and Holistic Nutrition. She is author of 4 NY Times best seller books, writes for major magazines and blogs and is a regular on TV and radio programs.

In between all of this, JJ took the time to talk to us about a personal tragedy in her life – how she coped, what her mindset was and how her son and family have changed for the better due to this terrible accident.

We all are stronger than we think, we just need to know and believe in what is possible. To inquire and have resilience. As J.J. says, “it only takes a little hinge to swing a big door”. All we need are baby steps!

It was so delightful to chat with J.J. that we are sure you’ll want her back for more! Tune in today and leave your comments after the show!


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