Show Notes

In this week’s episode, we explore how one woman was able to transform a troubled teen life to a mother and wife of an incredible family.  Life is never without its obstacles.  But for Leanne Anders (co-host of Bumi’s World), the obstacles began early in life.   From a troubled past including being homeless at 16 years of age, she fought through many difficulties, challenges and demons to find a better life.

Where most people would have given up, or guided down the wrong path in life, Leanne describes her battles and demons to overcome these obstacles and become a leader in her community.  She opens up to some of these challenges for the very first time and shows how she overcame these challenges in the past and present.

She discusses why she enter the Spartan Trifecta Race recently and how she was able to overcome a significant injury in the first of three big races.  She will share with you the lessons she learned and what she has taken away from it.

She will inspire you and set you up to create the most incredible year ahead of you.

You can check her podcast at