Show Notes

This week Brett and Damian interview Jo Lam about organic skin care.  Jo shares with us her wealth of information about the products that are available on the market and why she has chosen the products she has for her shop She also shares with us her go to ingredients for skin care you can either make yourself or look for in a shop and which ingredients should be red flags when you are reading your labels. And it’s not just for the girls. Guys need to consider things like deodorants, toothpastes and shaving products as well. So everyone should tune in for this engaging and informative episode.

p.s. Jo has asked us to add the additional note for clarification

“One of the first points we spoke about was around regulation. I made the comment that cosmetics in Australia are not regulated by the TGA unless they claim to have therapeutic benefits. I should specify that this is true for most cosmetics but certain sunscreens, skin whiteners and anti-acne treatments do fall under the TGA regulation.

Skincare labels obviously have to comply with the ACCC standard for labelling but that gives us little or no assurance surrounding the toxicity or health impact of the individual ingredients on the label.

Cosmetic INGREDIENTS have to be listed under the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS). The fact that cosmetic ingredients and industrial chemicals fall under the same umbrella speaks for itself, which is why I always stress the importance of doing your own independent research.

Obviously if a product is certified by the ACO, NASAA or any other organic certifier, it provides some assurance that it meets the standards of those independent bodies.”