Show Notes

This week Laurence and Brett interview Tim Robards, founder of the Robards Methods and the original bachelor on Australian TV (yes ladies, the one with the abs). Tim shares with us how his upbringing led him to a passion for helping people eat, think and move in a healthy way and how his original inspiration to get fit was to play football and not get picked on. Since then he has studied various forms of health promotion, including chiropractic, on the way to becoming the health superstar that he is today. He talks about the 7/2/1 method for eating healthy, why calisthenics is so great for fitness and much much more. So tune in for another great episode of The Wellness Guys!

Also don’t forget that Tim will be a keynote speaker at The Wellness Summit┬ácoming up in Melbourne in just a few short weeks.

To find out more about Tim and The Robards Method head to