Show Notes

In this interview, Damian Kristof is as excited as a little school boy in this episode… Damian and Laurence get to interview Alessio Fasano  is an Italian medical doctor, pediatric gastroenterologist and researcher. He holds the W. Allan Walker Chair of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.   Why Damian is so excited about this episode and so should you is Dr. Alessio and his team discovered zonulin, which regulates the intestinal permeability. In 2003, he published the results of the epidemiological study that demonstrated the prevalence of celiac disease in the U.S. to be far higher than previously thought, at a rate of 1 in 133 persons.[1]

His work covers, among others, the pathophysiology of coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity as well as of diabetes mellitus type 1.

In this interview we discuss “GLUTEN” and its affect on humans and its contribution to leaky gut syndrome and other autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Alessio is the best selling author of “Gluten Freedom”

This link for practitioners wanting to attend the BIOCEUTICALS 4th symposium to hear Dr Fassano live

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