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‘For me, it took nearly two years, of experimenting what worked for me. And reminding me… I think having Lynne in my life for that whole year, solidly, was like, ‘Hang on Annie we have worked on this.’ So, it was a reminder that you can’t un-hear what you’ve heard so keep moving forward which way. And I think what was really important for me was to set some goals. And then when those goals were set, I had some clarity along the way and then I really started enjoying the ‘being’. And once I would see that it wasn’t actually fear it possibly could have been excitement, I would then lean in.’ ~ Annie Morris

Annie Morris is located on beautiful Kangaroo Island in South Australia and loves helping people. She is passionate about teaching people the tools to help them go from feeling uneasy and stuck, to feeling content and free. The reason she knows she can help you is because she has had years of struggling with her inner critic. It’s time for her to share her experience and let others benefit from it. Annie is Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® and a Practitioner of Advanced Hypnotherapy.

This is a beautiful conversation about a beautiful being who has done a lot of inner work and been on a massive journey from a place of fear to excitement. Annie shares her story so openly and allows us all to feel at ease about wherever we are at in our lives. She helps people to get out of being stuck! And we get to hear how we can do this with ease by embracing the uncomfortable and falling in love with yourself.

Her definition of Self Love is honesty and being ok with where you are at. It is doing the inner work which brings you to a place of flow. It’s the small things that turn into the big things. It is doing something for myself every day and giving myself the time to do it. It is allowing yourself time. It is about moving your body and knowing it is really healthy to do something every day. Be ok with yourself.

Her favourite quote is:
‘The magic that you’re looking for is in all the things you’re avoiding.’

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Travelling is about a freedom to me.
I was always pulled to the hippy dip side of life.
I’m starting to realise life is about timing.
Everyone’s experience of this work is different.
You cannot un-hear what you have heard.
All I want is to be in flow, but we are always in flow!
We need to understand sadness to appreciate happiness.
It’s ok to be angry or sad.
We are not taught how to handle our emotions.
Who is driving your bus? The inner critic? The inner partier? Or your true self?
Don’t focus on what you don’t want, focus on what you DO want.
My biggest strength is being authentic and honest.
Authenticity is key.
I was born to lead but I knew I wasn’t going about it right either.
Put your hand on your heart to remind yourself to get out of your head.
Lead from your heart space with more love and kindness.
My rock bottom was my bounce point to come up.
In a way labelling can be both good and not so good, it’s about exploring.
How do you know this is not heaven already?
Nature has a massive play for us.
Success leaves clues.
Be present in the moment. Be anchored.
Life’s one big trial.
There’s no right or wrong way its just two paths to end up in the same place.
Lean into the uncomfortable.
What if you’re exactly where you need to be so you can see what you need to see so you can help others.
Ask if this is really serving me?
Move your body.
Everything that is uncomfortable and by doing the inner work is knowing on the other side of it is calm, confidence and happiness.


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