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‘I think a lot of people are stuck in a state where they’re not educated, and they don’t know. They try to find the answers of what they’re feeling or what they’re experiencing and it’s really just not there which is really sad to think about because there are the answers, but a lot of people just don’t really know them. So, they can be stuck in that state for however long. I think my passion is to really just bring people the information they deserve and it’s not only just improving the way they move, it’s improving every aspect of their life. Goes back to the simple premise – if you don’t use it, you lose it.’ ~ Morgan Kennedy

The human body is not symmetrical. The neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular and vision systems are not the same on the left side of the body as they are on the right, and vice versa. Morgan Kennedy’s work recognises these asymmetries and implements strategies that approach both sides separately to avoid imbalances over time. His qualifications are in the three primary courses of Postural Restoration Institute known as Myokinematics, Pelvic Restoration and Postural Respiration.

Additionally, Morgan is certified in Functional Range Conditioning from Functional Range Systems. Technically he is titled as a ‘Specialist’ in both. He has a huge passion for helping people make positive changes and loves supporting his clients to understand how incredible their body is.

This interview is a captivating conversation about a young man’s passion for helping his clients be their best selves. Morgan has a deep knowledge and love of the human body and shares how the health and fitness industry has become such a wonderful profession to be a part of. He is intelligent, and inspiring and makes being healthy sound effortless.

His definition of self-love is being able to understand we are all learning and that you will never understand what is the best thing for you. Self-love is something that changes over time. We want to better ourselves, learn from what we have done and continuously want to grow.

His favourite quote is from Marcus Aurelius:
‘Practice what seems impossible.’

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Blessed to have a really good network and learning opportunities.
We are on this planet for a relatively short amount of time to make a difference.
If we can improve physically we will support people to improve mentally.
My journey has been about understanding my body more.
When we perform better we improve the way we feel.
A lot of people will become stagnated with how much they know.
We are not breathing the best we can.
We may get strong but we might be getting strong in a way we cannot adapt.
People have literally stopped doing what they love due to pain.
We are all trying to help our clients.
The body is a miracle.
We need to understand how precious life is.
I change people’s lives!
I am continuously learning and want to keep learning.
There are a lot of people who do not like change.
But I am here and want to give information to help them.
Life is a rollercoaster.
Practice what seems impossible.
Your actions are going to reflect your outcome.


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