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‘I know we call things accidents but truly I don’t beleive that they’re accidents. I believe somehow energetically we have created them. So, if you’re in a car accident and you’re going too fast, or someone is going too fast and you crash, I think everything is a mirror. So, where in your life are you going too fast? Are you rush, rush, rushing the whole time? Where is your energy rushing? Or where are you losing control in your life? Have you lost control of your car, is a reflection potentially of where you have lost control in your life. Or if something else breaks down, where else in your life are things breaking down? I think everything is a reflection. So, once you get through the feelings or the grief in that real self-reflection, how did I even create this? How did this even come about in my life? Because it’s not a coincidence that this has happened, and what potentially can come of this? I believe hand on heart that the Universe is always nudging us towards our highest purpose.’ ~ Sarah Best

After completing her degree in Biomedical Science, Sarah Best embarked on a career as a paramedic with the Qld Ambulance Service, where she dedicated 19 years of service and received accolades such as Paramedic of the Year and Excellence in Leadership awards.

In addition to her paramedic career, Sarah is a qualified Health Coach through Integrative Nutrition, a Reiki Master, and a qualified NLP and Time-Line Therapy Practitioner.

Married to her husband Cam, who is the owner and founder of Juiced Up Groms, Sarah is also a devoted mother to three children: Harry, Phoebe, and Charlie.

Sarah’s journey is purposeful, driven by her recognition of gaps in the healthcare system and her belief in the multifaceted nature of healing beyond western medicine. Personal experiences, including parenting a child with severe anxiety and supporting her husband through a severe work accident in 2018, have deepened her commitment to holistic healing.

Facing a significant change with the vaccine mandate, Sarah pivoted towards her passion for healing and coaching, founding her business, Best Life Holistic Health. Her mission is to guide clients from merely surviving to thriving, with a particular focus on assisting children with anxiety or high emotional needs, along with supporting their parents.

Sarah shares an amazing journey of triumph over tragedy and how to survive all storms of life with courage, grace, strength and dignity. She is someone who has learned to step into the fire and rise above and beyond. Her passion for health and wellness is exemplified through her knowledge as a paramedic and scientist as well as her love for Reiki and NLP has helped form her practice Best Life Holistic Health.

Her definition of Self Love is about coming back to listening to your inner voice. Not the negative one, the whispers from the heart, from your soul, your highest purpose. Listen to your soul, the true essence of you.

Her favourite quote is:
Uncertainty is a sign of growth
Change is a sign that we are levelling up
And endings are a sign that rebirth is on the way.

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I loved to patch people up!
I have always had a love of learning and knew I would be in the medical world.
All healing is multi-faceted, it’s not just one approach.
It is the accumulative effect of stress that goes unnoticed.
You have to be aware of managing yourself and know what affects you.
Everybody is different.
There are gifts in every experience.
Allow yourself to fully experience what you are feeling.
Let the tears and emotion come.
Everything in life is a mirror, get curious.
The best and worst day of your life is being gentle.
I am always seeking to learn and grow.
The Universe is not happening to you it’s happening for you.
Stand up for what you believe in.
Find your voice. Believe in yourself.
I was so angry that choice was made for me.
The Universe will always have your back.
Everybody is doing their best.
Trust the process.


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