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‘I think the scariest thing for me to look back on is probably the additives in the food that I just had no idea about, it’s the chemicals and the sprays on things, because I was a big fruit and vege person, always have been, and my eye-openings to those sort of things, and the detoxing I have been doing since, has meant going on a better health journey. Looking back, I am like wow, if only we knew this stuff growing up, if our parents had known. I’m just continuing to evolve. You can’t change the past, but you can live for a better, healthier future, now. It’s not hard to do and that’s an exciting option we now have with the resources and availability of better stuff and better information.’ ~ Fiona Turner

A 1966 baby – year of the fire horse – Fiona Turner grew up in Melbourne and as the middle child concludes she had a great childhood, and enjoyed school and Uni. She has always been an active person, and admits she inherited a ‘talkative’ gene. Fiona has held a number of fabulous jobs in areas of sports and hospitality and now in education. Her administrative and communication skills have been her selling point, she is an organiser and a great ‘juggler’ – with her work and family. She has a wonderful husband and two beautiful grown up children. Fiona loves living on the Sunshine Coast now and feels she is lucky to be in a full time job that she really enjoys. She has now become more focused on her self-care ensuring she gives her physical and mental health, her fitness and well-being her priority as she understands the importance of the ripple effect in her families lives.

This interview follows the journey of a beautiful soul who a few years ago was shown another perspective on health. She has since invested a lot of time and energy into her health and mindset and now is flourishing with her health and wellbeing. She believes it is about ageing the best you can and getting old well!

Her definition of Self Love is accepting me for what I honestly am and loving me, the good and ugly points, everything. We are all a work in progress. It is about self-acceptance and feeling good in your own skin, mentally and physically. I am good with me. I do my best and love where I am at, it’s about being happy. It’s self-actualisation and being good and kind to yourself and others.

Her favourite quote is:
Invest in yourself before sickness invests itself in you.

I had no hesitation in presenting myself.
You have a front as big as Myers!
Sometimes you just bite the bullet and do not look back.
I am more openminded and curious around mental and physical health.
New health perspectives have been a massive shift and huge learning curve.
I am conscious of ageing as best I can.
It was a huge a-ha moment when I realised diet can change your health status.
An integrative medical approach is a more wholistic approach.
I feel better in every way.
My body is reacting better to ageing, I’m moving better, my skin and nails!
I see the other side better now.
Your programs are about self-improvement and making shifts.
Doing work like this is tailored for each of us.
All success is about time, effort and energy.
I am so inspired to know more.
I think the difference with your work is the connections.
I didn’t expect the support and friendships.
I never predicted I would do this but am so glad I have.
Do your best and make it better where you can.
Invest in yourself before sickness invests itself in you.


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