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‘So, my research found that, and I started this research just as micro-influence started to be a known phenomenon, it was all about the macro influencers, for example bikini models, who had and probably even bought, hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. I wanted to focus on the individuals who had niche following so some of the people I interviewed only had 2,000 followers through to 200,000 followers. Those individuals were also micro influencers because they engaged their network, and they knew where their network was, and they had a focus on what their message was. So, in saying that, in coming back to your question; do you need to be across everything? No, you have to be across your audience and where they are and what will keep them engaged with the content you want to share.’ ~ Dr Lisa Harrison

For those of us who remember rolling into the year 2000, we recall the whole Y2K period and how it was supposed to bring the world to a screaming halt. Well, it didn’t, and Lisa with her degree in creative industries, media and communications found herself in a successful recruitment role learning more about the online world. Facebook started to become popular around 2006 and she saw it as a fantastic way to feel connected to friends and family. As her children grew and became more independent, she found a niche combining her marketing experience with these new online communities and around the power of micro-influencers. In this podcast we discuss the wonder and importance of online communications and the changing face of social media.

Dr. Lisa Harrison is a dedicated Researcher and Educator specializing in the study of Micro-Influencers within the creative industries. Currently associated with the prestigious Queensland University of Technology, she deciphers the dynamics of the digital landscape and elucidates the role of micro-influencers in shaping contemporary culture.

Dr. Harrison’s research is particularly notable for her pioneering focus on micro-influencers and their engagement within niche online communities. Her ground-breaking thesis on the subject has provided new and profound insights into the professional practices of micro-influencers.

She has developed a comprehensive theoretical model that defines the five dimensions of micro-influence. This model, pivotal in identifying the key skills, knowledge, and capabilities required for effective communication in the modern culture, is an industry game-changer.

Through her rigorous and innovative research, Dr. Harrison offers invaluable insights into the impact of micro-influencers in today’s digital landscape. Armed with these insights, individuals are empowered to become effective micro-influencers in their chosen professions.

Dr. Harrison has made significant contributions to the understanding of the role of micro-influencers in the creative industry. Her comprehensive model and the accompanying educational resources she has designed have set a benchmark for future studies, paving the way for practical applications of micro-influencing in a myriad of professional fields.

To sum up, Dr. Lisa Harrison is an established expert in her field, known for her research work, tenacious curiosity, and generous spirit as an educator. She is not just illuminating the way for future researchers but is also shaping the narrative of the role of micro-influencers in the digital world. Connect with Dr. Harrison today and step into the evolving world of micro-influencers.

I am a highly skilled and driven professional, with more than 15 years developing and delivering marketing campaigns designed to build awareness, consideration and demand to achieve organisational objectives through quality relationship marketing programs and that secure strong outcomes.

During my career, I have established a reputation as a leader in the digital marketing space, securing the 2012 Sunshine Coast Professional Business Woman of the Year Award, along with various other nominations and accolades. I have had experience within Local Government and the Fintech industry (specifically blockchain projects) to lead quality communication projects.

Lisa Talks Online Social Media Platforms:

Twitter or X: still not that popular but useful in blockchain (along with crypto it is a technology like the internet but very much a coded language independent of one particular person) marketing.
Reddit – news style platforms.
Facebook – leading platform taken over by TikTok
YouTube – video footage
TikTok – a lot of fun connected to my interest and education
Instagram & Threads (and WhatsApp) – owned by Meta
LinkedIn – is a business, corporate platform owned by Microsoft
Pinterest – is great for visual products (ROI is quite high)
Snap Chat – for maps and used for everyday streaks and keeping it a game

Her definition of Self Love is being aware that it has become something that has become a very prevalent issue for me recently. I realise I could do it a lot better. I do feel you need to communicate in person and not just online. Use online platforms as a form of research to connect, but in truth self-love is about communicating in person and respecting oneself and honouring your own message. It is about pleasing oneself not just everyone else and communicating those boundaries.

Her favourite quote is:
‘Look before you leap’. This was a quote in my younger years and I have changed the context now. I now use it to listen to my intuition and take that leap. Don’t be scared and not worried about being outside of your comfort zone. It’s about having a plan B!

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The whole idea of what we can create online in a digital world is phenomenal.
Some people can be scared of online media and communities.
Taking time to develop my story I was able to grow my confidence in public speaking.
It is important to clarify where you are at and where you want to go.
My kids are the centre of my world.
My advice is do not judge yourself.
You need to listen to your body.
I have always been about having a Plan B in life and in business.
My thesis was directed at freelancers.
The journey is just as important as the end result.
My research is to support individuals to understand why are you even using social media.
Do not let social media rule your world.
My children have been a core part of my research!
A lot of people are just scrollers and are not aware of what they are doing.
There are strategies on how to use your time on social media.
Different platforms have different levels of behaviour.
You need to be an early adapter of these tools and platforms.
Speaking out is a blurry line for what is accepted.
They are all free platforms who own everything and use our data.
The number of followers has nothing to do with it.
It is about engagement and the effectiveness of that engagement.
Audiences are not stupid they can see through things when not authentic.
Our generation is more voyeuristic than engaging.
Go into AI with curiosity and awareness.
I support the use of AI, and to use it critically to support learning.


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