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‘People can see things in you that you can’t see in yourself. They can see the impact that you are having. I call it a ‘genius zone’ and I believe people don’t know what their genius zone is, and people are always searching for their purpose. And if you actually just sat really quietly, it’s all already inside you and sometimes the clues come from when the people around you saying things and if you’re shutting them out but you’re still passionately trying to find your purpose but you’re not listening to the compliments or the feedback from people around you, you will miss it, and that’s where the gold will be.’ ~ Min Swan

Min Swan is a change agent and someone who inspires many to live in, and honour, their genius zone. A proud and passionate Scorpio, Min Swan leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit to find ways to grow, connect and celebrate those around her.  A stunning entrepreneur and an exceptional soul who truly does live life authentically and powerfully. She is passionate and believes wholeheartedly in the ritual of celebration.

Self-employed at 21 with a three year ‘sabbatical’ in corporate land at age 30, Min’s varied and wide-ranging background from financial services to strategic planning to event management, sees Min dedicate herself to projects with ferocity and focus, and with a keen eye for what differentiating factor is going to put her clients on the map.

Able to disseminate complex information and structure events and strategies to communicate with intent, Min is behind many projects, initiatives and connections that make the Sunshine Coast an innovative and world class region to live in.  Few have escaped Min’s “here is a crazy idea” opening line, and most have survived to tell the tale of what comes next!

Returning to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney in 2009, Min was driven into the event world by her love for people and years of feeling like events missed the mark when engaging at a deep and unforgettable level with attendees. Spending 12 years in the financial sector means she is no stranger to wonderful experiences, having travelled the world attending conferences and events.  Min founded and continues to lead prestige corporate events company White House International, delivering world class events and meaningful connections to international, national and local clients alike.

Min is also the President of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network and strategic planner for a variety of Chambers of Commerce and industry groups.  Her love for the Sunshine Coast knows no bounds.

As a single mum of two incredible children, Min is a big believer in leaving nothing on the table when it comes to living the best version of yourself possible – even if that means riding the rollercoaster of life on a daily basis!

Her definition of Self Love is acceptance. It is true open warts’n’all acceptance of who you are. Respect yourself and put actions into place that give you the opportunity to be yourself.

Her favourite quote is from John Eales:
‘People won’t hear what you’re saying because who you are being is too loud.’

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Life is a celebration
I love pushing boundaries
Live your loudest and most boldest life
People can see things in you that you cannot see yourself
You naturally do what you do and that is what makes you special
Other people will see it before you can
I am a changemaker, connector and celebrator
Rituals are what make you feel good
Don’t always put yourself last
How you hold yourself is everything
It’s ok to have a human moment
I let the ‘now what’ answer come to me
What is the least dramatic option I can take right now
I have a very close trusted circle
I won’t act until I am out of the human moment
There should be no comparison between people’s version of wealth
If you are really open with people, they will explore what is possible for them


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