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‘We definitely need both. I mean without emergency medicine and intensive cares and Western medicine we unfortunately wouldn’t be able to survive certain events and things happening. So, absolutely appreciate and adore that system for what it is. And then when it comes to the Eastern medicine and integrative health and bringing the two together with functional medicine, it looks at the root cause. And so, the non-urgent, non-emergency conditions, we can look at them and actually get down to the root cause so that we can live without dis-ease and avoid getting ourselves into a chronic state. So yeah, it’s a really interesting background for me to have because having worked in the hospital system and working with GP’s as well, working with the pharmaceutical and medical device industry and then going into integrative health I really have an appreciation for every single area and where everyone sits.’ ~ Simone McDouall

After years of living the city life, in Sydney, Melbourne & Toowoomba, Simone McDouall, a country girl at heart, recently returned to the land and now has her feet firmly planted on the ground. Simone spent her professional life in many different areas of the health system, including traditional western medicine and integrative medicine. Her appreciation for both, enabled her to embrace her own healing journey from mould toxicity and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).

With such a life changing and challenging experience it meant peeling back every single layer of Simone’s life and moving through the most uncomfortable years of dis-ease. The last 12 months, however, have seen a wave of transitions both personally and professionally.

With her business, Sudore & Co, the rural family property Yarrella, and her husband’s business, Yarrella Coaching, all going through growth, change and development, it is fair to say life is full and busy. Simone has learned to surrender to what is, and to do less, which in her opinion allows all transitions to evolve as they are meant to.

Family means everything to Simone, and being an active, loving and fun Mum to her two daughters, and wife and bestie to her hubby, is a big part of her life.

Simone’s love of health and wellness originally started with a Bachelor in Nursing. She went on to specialise in emergency, intensive care, oncology, interventional cardiology, diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic disease, dialysis, pre-natal and childbirth education. She spent the majority of her nursing days in the big cities, and in country NSW and Victoria before taking an opportunity to be part of the educating, sales and business team with several pharmaceutical and medical device companies in interventional cardiology, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and osteoporosis.

After the birth of her first child, Simone went on to become a specialised Calmbirth Practitioner. Simone’s passion lies in Integrative Health coaching in all areas of mind, body and spirit. She is also a DNA Consultant, specialising in Nutrigenomics with SmartDNA.

Sudore & Co was Toowoomba’s first exclusive infrared sauna studio and integrated space for health and wellness, focusing on self-care, detoxification and holistic health. Whether this is through 1:1 personalised sessions, focusing on specific protocols, looking at DNA, or through fun group detoxifications, Simone is about educating and supporting her clients through their own health and life journey’s.

Gut health, diet and nutrition, exercise, stress, the environment, sleep, cellular health, longevity, success mindset and supplements are just some of the areas Simone addresses during her consultations and coaching.

Whether someone has big or small changes in mind, it is Simone’s passion to guide and help them to be the best version of themselves, one gentle step at a time.

Her definition of Self Love encompassing all those parts of self. It is the importance we place and the understanding for wellbeing and our happiness, mind body and spirit. Firstly, it is about self-awareness, self-care and self-discipline. It is the being part of self-love which is the self-control, self-respect and self-acceptance. Life is basically all about self-love and our self-love muscle determines how we show up. Self-love is the foundation for everything.

Her favourite quote is:
Knowledge is power. And inspired action is even more powerful.

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I believe in the power of the mind
I harboured deep curiosity
I love being in the thick of it all
I have seen the best and worst of life
Nurses and doctors do so much selfless work
I have a fire in my belly to help people through this
Your home isn’t safe for you
We need to embrace functional and western medicine
Everything is happening as it is meant to
It is the human experience
Need to be comfortable being uncomfortable
Your genes load the gun and environment pulls the trigger
It has been a huge spiritual assignment
It’s about trusting the process
A strong spirit guiding us all
We never actually die we live on and leave this human body
Self-love is the foundation for everything
Be happy in your own skin
When you know better you do better
Knowledge is power


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