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‘When I learn about stuff, the way that I love to learn is with analogies. And so, the best analogy that I’ve witnessed and then had the direct experience of it, is that the masculine is the riverbed and the feminine is the water that flows in it. And it is our role or our job as the masculine to hold the feminine. Now, that means the feminine within us as men, but we also need to hold that space and I think there is a question coming soon about self love and I think that is one of the big things of being able to hold thy self. Be that masculine riverbed where we can hold our emotions and be, and allow that feminine to flow.’ ~ Blase Grinner

Blase Grinner, alongside his life and business partner Melinda, cherishes his life’s grand adventures, igniting a movement to empower a generation of men. With a zeal for transforming the daunting into the doable, Blase pivoted from construction to coaching, guiding thousands of men globally, both virtually and in person. His life’s work is to help men unlock their deepest potential and lead purpose-driven lives.

Blase’s approach is about moving from intellect to intuition, and his unwavering commitment to men’s growth has attracted significant backing, including from the quintessential Australian brand BCF and luxury automaker Mercedes Benz. In 2019, his extensive community engagement earned him a nomination for the Sunshine Coast Australia Day Award for Citizen of the Year.

True to his name, Blase is a dynamic force, igniting change and leaving an indelible mark that outlasts the warmth of his infectious grin.

His definition of Self Love used to be something that women did, or massages… but for me it is really knowing my boundaries and being firm with that. It is taking time out to nourish my mind, body and soul. It is honouring me and having respect for me. It is also loving the parts of me that I don’t love, the dark stuff. And accepting that stuff. Having gratitude and knowing who I am.

His favourite quote is from what he does through his work:
We lead men out of their head into their heart.
‘Courage isn’t the absence of fear.’

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Age 27 was when I went from being a boy to a man.
This spiritual awakening really woke me up.
There is unconditional love through fatherhood.
I realised I could love two things simultaneously..
That feminine flow can be super chaotic
My mum is my best mate.
If I saw her cry then that became my responsibility.
There are many boys growing up with woman’s definition of a man.
We need more heart centred men in our world.
Being a mum isn’t enough, yet it is one of the most crucial roles on this planet.
It is a ‘yes, and’ conversation as it is both.
There are a lot of people who see the good in everyone.
There is also a lot of naivety that comes with that.
She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.
I had to want to change.
It is all about a man knowing his values and where he gains so much confidence.
Be in the energy of what went well and create a high vibrational feeling.
It almost has to be unattainable to get me out of bed.
One of my secret sauces is having a high level of accountability.
Marriage is a commitment to me.
Courage isn’t the absence of fear.
We lead men out of their head and into their heart.
Find people who can support you to find that courage.


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