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‘What I stand for, and what we stand for, is making sure that the healthy is in high performance. And we actually can have both. And we know that most people are struggling with this at the moment. We have record levels of reported burnout, we have record levels of chronic stress, we have not made a dent in our mental illness stats despite all the research and resources that have been thrown at it in the last few years. We still have one in five of us or 20% of us at any one time in any one year with a diagnosis of mental illness. And so, we are still not getting that balance right of how we prioritise ourselves without fear of under-performance.’ ~ Fleur Heazlewood

Fleur Heazlewood is a leadership expert, keynote speaker, and founder of the Blueberry Institute.

She partners with leaders to create healthy, high performing teams. Fleur is known for building positive performance cultures that deliver both wellbeing and commercial results. She has trained over 3000-people in positive leadership, future-fit resilience, and mental health mastery.

With over 20 years’ corporate leadership experience Fleur has led many successful organisational turnarounds and culture transformations. She understands firsthand the challenges of change, uncertainty, team stress and top talent burnout. Her clients value her accessibility, practicality and skilled use of lessons that work in real life.

Fleur works with many high-profile organisations, including the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Woolworths, 3M, ITW Construction, Goodman Fielder, Winc, GenesisCare, Indara, Mental Health Commission of New South Wales, Department of Finance, and the Country Fire Authority.

Fleur’s experience is backed by extensive qualifications, which include a Masters of Coaching Psychology, Bachelor of Commerce and Company Directors Certificate. She is a qualified yoga therapy and mindfulness teacher which is incorporated in her personal wellbeing and health practices.

Fleur’s debut book Resilience Recipes, a practical guide to better personal wellbeing, won best Health and Wellbeing Book of 2022 at the Australian Business Book Awards and was a runner up for Business Book of the Year. Her follow up, Leading Wellbeing – A leader’s guide to mental health conversations at work, helps leaders support the psychological safety and mental health of their teams.

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Fleur’s Core messages:
1. Wellbeing is an enabler of performance, not a reward for results.
2. Psychological safety is key to healthy, high performance
3. Mental health conversation competence is critical to leader success.

Her definition of Self Love is from one of her yoga teachers which is:
Self-love is very much around your ability to love yourself exactly as you are, to accept the things you cannot change and to be patient with the things you do want to change.

Her favourite quote is from:
This Precious Human Body by Je Tsongkapa

The human body, at peace with itself,
Is more precious than the rarest gem.
Cherish your body.
It is yours this one time only.
The human form is won with difficulty,
It is easy to lose.
All worldly things are brief,
Like lightening in the sky;
This life you must know
As the tiny splash of a raindrop;
A thing of beauty that disappears
Even as it comes into being.
Therefore recall
Your inspiration and aspiration
Resolve to make use of every day and night
To realise them.

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I love the idea of ‘The Well Leader’.
I think about it by a values perspective and a human perspective.
What is the right thing to do by the people and the business.
If you treat people well, people will do well by you.
We have not made a dent in mental health diagnosis despite the research and resources thrown at it.
I care that wellbeing is a foundation for our lives and the way that we do things at work.
With increases in productivity there is also an increase in chronic stress , burnout, and mental illness.
Burnout is not an acceptable price for success.
The reality is most of our work does not require face to face time.
Culture is something that we choose.
It’s the values that we live, and the behaviours that we tolerate and the way that we treat people.
The best definition of wellbeing is yours as it is different for everyone.
Ultimately this work is life skills in all areas of life.
Work can be a source of wellbeing not a place of stress.
We can all act rather than react.
It is about optimising your energy.
Are you mind full or mindful?
It can be exhausting trying to juggle it all.
Create space for you to heal and refuel.
Create a place of centredness.
Self love and self care is the centre of our lives.


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