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I often get asked questions around burnout, relationship issues, not feeling good enough, lack of confidence, lack of purpose and how to get motivated and inspired to live a fantastic life and if I can help? In this week’s Quicky I answer a specific email and share how I can support you to live your best life. My mission is to make a positive difference and I sincerely hope my offerings will support you to find you loving yourself up as we head into 2024.

Here is the email and the things I offer to support depending on where you are at personally, spiritually and financially. I hope it helps.

Kim, I just wanted you to know that you are one of my role models for business success and a balanced lifestyle. I’m hoping you can help me. Currently, I’m transitioning from being paid hourly to establishing my own business, working on a commission-only basis. Kim, I often find myself trapped in the belief that I must do it ALL in order to be successful, and I follow through on that mindset. Regrettably, this approach isn’t yielding the success I’m aiming for. I’m reaching out to seek your wisdom. How do you manage to be successful, healthy and lead a balanced life? I struggle with the notion that doing everything is the only pathway to success. Could you share some tips and tricks on how you have learned NOT to do it all and find balance? Learning how you’ve embraced the art of not having to do it all to achieve success would be immensely valuable to me.

Making A Positive Difference – what I can offer you!

The Self Love Podcast with all the incredible learnings and guests
The Self Love & Wellness Mentorship Group which is a call every Tuesday evening 6pm-7pm (QLD time) with live Q&A’s, Love Seat Guests, Masterclasses and Champion Challenge sessions each month at $47 per month
The Essential Self Care Weekend one in Melbourne and one on the Sunny Coast next year (perfect excuse for a wee visit!)
The Essential Self Mastery Program – a 7 day Immersion event next year where you get to do a real deep dive into you, your life, goals, values, beliefs and living your best most happiest life.
One on One Coaching – I do have a few places available for 1:1 coaching in 2024 if that is of interest.

So, my lovely followers these are the best ways to immerse yourself in the philosophies and teachings of all I do. I hope this helps… If you need to know more head to and the info is all there. I look forward to hearing from you.

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It is important to invest in yourself.
The more you understand yourself the more control you have in your life.
You cannot fix a problem with the same thinking that created it.
Limiting emotions and beliefs can influence your thoughts and behaviours.
Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.


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