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‘Legally Wise Women as a concept, actually came to reality, as not only as an access to justice but more of a legal literacy, because it doesn’t provide legal services, it sort of does more in the early stage where we can be a safe place for women to land. One of the stats I came across was about 83% of women who face a legal challenge don’t get professional advice at all, and I just thought how can that be, and why is that the case? And a lot of it is around fear, the unknown, hearing horrendous stories, not knowing where to start, being worried about fees, shame, guilt, all those things… And so again being a place where people can come to get some initial, where do I start, what should I expect, how does the industry charge, what questions should I be asking, what kind of lawyer do I need and what should I be looking for, is there an alternative? So that’s all the things that I start with to help people have a better experience.’ ~ Jacqui Brauman

Jacqui Brauman is a lawyer who wants to help women become legally literate. She created Legally Wise Women for women facing a conflict to help them confidently take control of the outcome themselves without spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on legal expenses, without the decision being taken out of their hands and taking months in the legal system, and without any shame or embarrassment, or fear of making a mistake.

Legally Wise Women is a social enterprise. It is your haven when you are confronted by the overwhelm and distress that often accompanies an unexpected legal issues. We educate and empower you, through our online resources and work with you to create a clear, safe and affordable path forward.

Legally Wise Women offers three pillars of legal literacy to provide women with a new pathway to the resolution of their legal disputes. These are:
1. learning how the legal industry works and how to find and hire the right lawyer
2. access to a range of alternative dispute resolution and online tools, and
3. developing their own negotiation and conflict skills.

Legally Wise Women brings together women in an online community, who lack confidence with a legal issues, to go from confronted to courageous, so that they can have better control over the outcomes in a variety of situations, and negotiate what they want successfully with less cost.

“I help families plan for their children’s future in the event of an emergency or death, by protecting their legal rights and interests through my Family Legacy Plan”. ~ Jacqui Brauman

Since also establishing TBA Law in 2012, Jacqui has become an Accredited Specialist in Wills and Estates and has written and published three books: ‘In Case of Emergency’, a practical guide for young families in the case of injury or death, ‘Death and Social Media, a guide to your digital estate planning’, and ‘The Sandwich Generation’.

Jacqui Brauman created Theobald Lawyers Pty Ltd in 2012, now trading as TBA Law. TBA Law provides legal services to families in Melbourne and Regional Victoria, focusing on estate planning, family law and property. Jacqui’s personal values brought into the firm make all the difference – a commitment to serving her community, very strong ethics and a sense of civil justice, and a dedication to accountability and efficiency.

Jacqui has also written for Proadvisor, the Australian Property Place, Financy, Inside Small Business, and audio and paper on Rural Succession Planning for the Television Education Network. She has been interviewed on The F Words podcast, the Dynamic Business Women’s podcast, and Dream Life Best Fit podcast.

Jacqui’s firm was the winner of 2017 NAB Professional Services Awards for Victoria, she has been a finalist in the Sole Practitioner category for Women In Law in 2016, and is the Law Institute’s 2019 Regional Lawyer of the Year.

To connect with Jacqui, you can request a complimentary phone chat or find out more by visiting her website at

Her definition of Self Love is over time… I don’t think I had it for the first 30 years but then I realised actually I can love myself unconditionally. Self-love is having to learn about myself and have an acceptance of self. Feel your feelings and limit the time you wallow in negativity.

Her favourite quote is:
‘Don’t let fear or common sense hold you back.’

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I have always had a social justice mindset and wanted to help people.
Quite often the system does more harm than good, and I want to do good.
A phrase in this industry that doesn’t sit with me is, ‘A good settlement is when no one is happy.’
83% of women who face a legal challenge do not get legal advice at all.
A lot of it is around fear and the unknown.
The legal industry is a knowledge industry and is very protective of that.
There is a lot of arrogance and ego in this industry.
Like medicine prevention is better than cure.
There are hundreds of videos for free for women to view.
It is important to build legal literacy.
We are fundamentally driven by so much fear.
Ask what is driving you? Is it fear or love?
I’ve had to learn a little more surrender and approach it a little differently.
Everyone should be building a strong network.
Selfcare basics include exercising every morning, drinking water, good nutrition, veges and sleep.
Plus diving into spirituality has deepened my ability to care for myself.
It is about support, skill, power and wisdom and using it well is key.
Don’t let fear or common sense hold you back.


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