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‘I think it was the Dalai Lama, his heart math, or the energy that his heart puts out goes several km’s. It has been studied more and more with the Heart Math Institute that you can influence someone. If someone works on themselves, their heart grows bigger and obviously their energy and stuff they put out influences a lot of people. I don’t think necessarily everyone has to do it, but I do know that the ripple effect from someone doing the work is amazing in how it shifts. I think the more people that are open to it, and then, their collectiveness and their consciousness raising, raises the consciousness of everyone.’ ~ Brendon Giebel

This is an incredible conversation with one of Australia’s leading mentors and coaches for men. Brendon Giebel dives deep into the work that needs to happen for our men what men, what they have been through and now what they have been called to do. Brendon is leading the way in helping men step up and into creating a powerful and positive ripple effect to raise the consciousness for humanity.

One of the top tips Brendon shares is when negative emotions arise, you can ask yourself these quality questions to process them quickly and powerfully:
1. I am feeling this…(emotion)
2. Is it ok to feel this?
3. Am I willing to feel it?
4. Am I willing to get it go?

Brendon Giebel is the Founder of Advanced Men’s Development. He trains, coaches and guides men through life-changing programs, courses and events. AMD is focused on helping men regain their personal power and excel in all areas of life.

After struggling in his early 20s and being one decision away from ending it all, Brendon spent 6 years climbing out of the dark hole he was in. Brendon then went on to study as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, Conversation Therapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy, breathwork and meditation. Brendon now has the processes to help others create rapid transformations in their own lives and is leading the way for men and women to become the most successful versions of themselves.

Brendon has helped people free themselves from drug addictions, negative thought patterns, unconscious sabotaging behaviours and crush self-doubt and low confidence. As well as help them move through PTSD, childhood abuse, anxiety, chronic pain and depression, as well as weight loss, anger issues, fear, and shyness, to name a few.

Brendon is a driven and motivated individual with a big goal of building the #1 training facility for personal development, health, fitness and wellness in Australia and personally impacting the lives of 10 million Australians.

Brendon has some incredible workshops and events coming up for 2024 so check out the links below. He also appeared on the Self Love Podcast on Show 49 if you would like to listen to this earlier show.

His definition of Self Love is to come back to yourself, to let go of things that are not serving you and also the more that you feel you love yourself by taking time for you. Gratitude as well. Be in awe of yourself. Appreciate yourself. And do what you can to be better.

His favourite quote is from Lao Tzu:
‘When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.’

Brendon says stop lying to ourselves and believing that our limitations to be true. Continue to show up and appreciate what you do have. The more you can enjoy it the better it is going to be.

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Change can happen quickly.
When the divine masculine and divine feminine rise together the world will change.
Monkey see monkey do.
There is still a lot of resistance in men rising.
What else can I learn? Where else can I pull off the limitations.
Then you get to enjoy you for who you are.
Emotions are just feedback mechanisms.
It is the ability to not stay in negative emotions and get back to a neutral or joyful state as quickly as possible.
It is a choice, I can look at the feedback, how I can let it go and then get back to neutral as quickly as possible.
When I feel doubt I use it as a check if I have everything in order.
A lot of people think the ego is bad but it is there to keep you safe.
It is important to be conscious what you are projecting onto another person.
If we don’t grow together, we grow apart.
The fastest way to get there is to ask for help.
Show another person how to do it rather than telling them.
The more you push something onto someone else the more they will push back.
Create curiosity rather than push people into anything.
Guilt, shame and regret in my opinion will keep people in substance abuse.
Be mindful of what you say to others.
It always takes two to tango.
If you are a victim, you can’t fix anything, as you have no responsibility.
Understand your role and responsibility in this situation?
Remember hurt people hurt people.
The more conscious men that we have, and parents, then obviously the ripple effect will be amazing.
Life is a process of letting go and becoming someone else and repeating that process over and over.


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