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‘I guess as human beings we are always trying to evolve in some way whether we think we are, or not. We know that every seven years our cells completely regenerate, we are a new person. We know even without us trying, we are continually learning, evolving, changing, shifting. And so, as teachers when people are soaking up the words that we choose to say in whatever environment that might whether that’s as a mother, in a corporate office, as a teacher or whether that’s as a yoga teacher the words that we use, the people around us are soaking that up. Their ears are taking that in. The way that we walk or hold ourselves or look after ourselves, eyes are seeing that, ears are hearing that, energy is sensing that, and so we are all a by-product of every single person that we meet or are taught by.’ ~ Kat Harding

Here is how Kat describes herself and all that she does.

My pathway to yoga has never been linear, and the ways in which I’ve come to appreciate it have changed well beyond what I thought was possible in my late teens and early 20’s. Becoming a mother, shifting in and out of a corporate career as a Human Resources Business Partner and navigating the world has made me acutely aware of the bombardment of the outer world and it’s do’s and don’ts vs. the inner world of beauty and possibility.

For the best part of 10 years, I have walked the pathway of student and teacher at the same time, offering studio and private lessons, workshops, experiences, retreats and so much more – across the full spectrum of the yogic pathway (the Eight-Limbs of Yoga) and more.

My aim is to create and share experiences that bring you home, home to you.
This includes sharing yoga asana, wisdom passed down through my teachers and their teachers, pranayama (breathwork), mindfulness, movement and meditation in all of their myriad of forms.

My practice continues, 18 years on, and it will continue far beyond this, and my only hope is to continue to pass on the wisdom of yoga in it’s myriad of forms thanks to my teachers (listed below) to you, your workplace, your family, your friends wherever we might be in the world.

Throughout my time as a yoga teacher, I have progressively added to my teachings and offerings and have achieved qualifications in:

Hatha & Power Yoga, with Sally Parkes Yoga / Laxmi Yoga UK
Stand up paddle board instruction and Stand up paddle board yoga, with ASI Academy
Yin Yoga, with Joe Barnett
Prana Vinyasa Yoga, with Simon Park
Yoga Therapy, with Doug Keller
Pre and Post Natal Yoga, with Baby Bliss Yoga
The Subtle Body & Practices of Yoga (body, breathwork and meditation), with Creature Yoga
Unfolding the Lotus – Creative Asana Sequencing, with Creature Yoga
Advanced Asana, with Anna from Momentum Yoga School

Each of these qualifications add up to over 500 hours of training – and more are coming.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank one of my first teachers, the teacher who truly planted the seed of yoga and everything it could be for me, Sean Schofield, without your guidance and wisdom I would not be where I am today.

Her definition of Self Love is:
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
The courage to change the things I can.
And the courage to know the difference.

That is my definition of self-love. Knowing the difference between what I can change and what I cannot change.

Her favourite quote is from Heart Art:

Remember we can grace our days with sunrises and flowers, with moonlight and magic. Between our shadows and colour of emotion. When it’s noisy in, we can go out. We can allow our socks to slowly soak the dew. We can smell the blossoms

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My ability to connect and get the best out of people was what I was good at.
I feel there is a huge gap in many organisations in their ability to understand they have human beings working for them.
There must be a want for corporations to bring people on that ‘human’ journey.
It is important leaders notice this before people get sick.
Watching people’s behaviours and seeing the disconnect has always intrigued me.
We are constantly creating deeper habits.
It’s important to remember the impact everyone can have on everyone in this lifetime.
I’m not perfect by any means.
Yoga comes through very much in the way I parent and in the corporate world.
Yoga gives us a huge capacity to regulate our nervous system.
Prana is life force and it rides on the waves of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Harness the power of your prana, your breath, and this will give you huge shifts in our energy.
The monkey brain is real for all of us, there is real power in stilling the mind.
You can use mantras as a point of focus like mala beads, physical touch, candle gazing or watching a leaf.
If I hold space for my children they too can come back to being grounded and light-hearted, their true self.
My children see me sighing all day!
I am not the experience. I am not attached to those experiences.
Life and death happens in each class.
After death, if we are open, there is a greater connection.
Allow grief to be what it is, and see it for what it is.
Life happens through us not to us.
Let yourself experience all emotions, it will rise and it will always end.
Stand tall and centred no matter what.


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