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‘We guide them and let them know that it is so important to feel all the supressed emotions. And the breathwork really allows those energies or emotions to be stirred up and for them to come to the surface and bubble up. And if they can use that opportunity to experience those emotions, none are right or wrong, they’re all just feeling. And just breathe into that resistance, that pushing back of wanting to supress it again, and feeling those emotions, then when there’s that feeling and acceptance of that emotion, then that’s when the release can happen, and that allows the free vessel and that allows them to be sovereign.’ ~ Ali Oetjen

Ali Oetjen is a holistic wellness expert, known for her unwavering dedication to guiding individuals towards their highest potential. With expertise in meditation, breathwork, yoga, neurolinguistic programming, and therapy, Ali seamlessly combines these disciplines to transform her clients’ well-being. She founded company, Ali Wellness, offering personalized 1-on-1 coaching, immersive wellness retreats, and workshops that foster self-discovery. Through her meditation and breathwork subscription service, she brings her wisdom to homes worldwide.

From a young age, Ali radiated positivity and held a deep passion for health and well-being. Despite her years in the spotlight as a TV celebrity, she returned to her true purpose: inspiring people to embrace their best selves and elevate global consciousness. Ali’s impact transcends her clients, reaching those fortunate enough to experience her teachings. She stands as a beacon of positivity, leading the world toward enlightenment and harmony.

In this beautiful interview we dive deep into the power of being your authentic self, how to tap into your innate power and to expand your consciousness.
Her definition of Self Love is the space we create to be our authentic selves. It is our knowing of our greatness and our belonging and our purpose and our connection to source.

Her favourite quote is:
‘Do it with passion or not at all.’

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My love of health, wellness and nature began as a child growing up on the land.
It allowed me to be myself, to be authentic and to express my full self.
I think it is about leaning into the uncomfortability.
The television world is completely false.
It taught me strength and resilience.
They try to make us into something that makes us fit in a ‘box’.
Learn to fall in love with a culture that believes in the connection to oneself.
There is meditation, breathwork, journaling and nurturing oneself.
Be the observer of your thoughts and lovingly feeling into that.
It is noticing and observing the stories you tell yourself in your feelings and thoughts.
When there is resistance there is a force against us.
Trust the resistance.
There is always growth at the end of being uncomfortable.
Don’t focus on the fear or how tough it is… it’s what’s on the other side?
We inspire and challenge one another.
You can learn through experience and share everything when safe.
We can each experience all the joy, bliss and love each and every day.
Have a clear vision and feeling of your future in a relaxed, calm and focused state.
The tool is yours and it is there to bring you home.
Follow your authentic path.
Pour all of your passion into all that you are doing and it will serve the greater good, it will serve humanity.
Know that you have all the courage, power, potential, light and love within you.


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