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‘I knew I was about to have this they call it the ‘Dark Knight of the Soul moment because it was just getting so evident, that I shouldn’t be out there and I was getting these hot flushes driving to work, and these awareness’s in the car like clear as daylight, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘What are you doing?’ And I was like, ‘Oh shit what am I doing?’ And then I said to myself, ‘You want to live an extraordinary life Mitchell?’ in the car just talking to myself, ‘Anything that doesn’t allow you to do that, I uncreate and destroy it.’ And I was like, ‘Do you choose?’ And I said yes to myself. And then within two weeks of that conversation with myself in the car me and my partner left and went separate ways, I left my job, and I came home and I kind of rekindled myself, from there. I had been doing all this self-development in the mines, and that’s what probably kept me sane out there and then I was like this is your chance to actually start living your purpose and your truth and stop going by the default program that you’ve been told.’ ~ Mitch Adams

Becoming a Dad at 17years of age was a game changer for Mitch Adams that leaped him to grow up very quickly. As he grew and took responsibility his heart and mind opened and took him down a path that has allowed him to want to choose greater for his daughter and himself. As he was working in the mines to provide for his family he had a deep desire to understand life and how much more was possible until one day seven years later he left his relationship, his job and the life he felt he was told to live by default.

Mitch is a multifaceted professional who is deeply committed to guiding individuals towards realizing their full potential. With a unique blend of expertise in life coaching, business coaching, Vedic meditation, and wealth management, he empowers people to bridge the gap between where they are and where they aspire to be.

He employs a comprehensive and personalized approach to coaching and empowerment. He understands that success is not one-dimensional; it involves holistic growth. This approach equips individuals to overcome challenges, optimize their potential, and achieve sustainable success in both personal and professional spheres.

His definition of Self Love is choosing yourself and choosing to nourish this life, nourish this body, nourish your relationships because everything is love and we are here to experience love. We are in the physical form to experience that love and connection with people. Love for me is slowing down and connecting to everything and seeing the beauty, like looking at the stars. A loving connection with your friends. The self-love part is we actually get the most amount of satisfaction when we give. So, by giving we actually receive.

His favourite quote is:
‘The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.’

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It’s about the lessons learned and being grateful for them.
There was a lot of self-doubt and my knowingness was questioned daily.
I needed to see quicker in order to come home quicker.
A lot of men do not have any support or help in the mining industry.
My intuition just strengthened and became powerful in creating reference points.
I’m thriving every day and helping men do the same.
I’m home schooling my daughter, the world has changed and the schooling system needs to change.
I’ve found a place when your belief changes your personality changes and your reality unfolds.
My mum told me since I was a little boy that I would not take no for an answer.
Things are collectively changing.
5% is conscious and 95% is our subconscious which gave me more curiosity.
If you are curious just ask more questions to yourself.
The natural programming of what’s happening on the planet repulsed me.
My own internal compass led me to the right people at the right exact time.
My mum is the black sheep in her family too who allowed me to have my own beliefs.
If you ask for guidance the answers will come.
My mum is my best friend, we have a soul connection, a pure soul contract.
I believe we live many lifetimes.
My mum has taught me how to hold space for the feminine energy.
I have learned how to trust again in male relationships.
I want to be the dad to my daughter that my dad wasn’t to me.
I could take it, the fork in the road, the good or bad.
I am grateful for the journey.
I definitely feel there is hope for humanity.
We are at this break down or break through moment, this threshold.
We want to create a win-win in every situation.
I am hopeful and I believe in something greater than this physical form.
We have to shine light on how we are acting and what results we are creating.
Everything is a distraction, everything that is man-made is a distraction.
We’re still cave men living in an evolutionary world.
We need intention, asking what do I want out of my day?
There’s a lot of wisdom in books and they can raise your vibration.
My whole day is about raising the vibe.
I feel like Ali is a girl version of what I am doing!
In relationships you have to wake up and ask, ‘Do I choose this person?’
If you want more out of life it starts with asking more questions and having more vigilance in your day.


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