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‘There’s a lot of consumption that happens with social media, where we are just consuming. And I guess even within that there’s this hunger for more, but what is it that you need specifically? You can binge on a lot of things out there. Is it actually satiating to you, to your soul energetically, emotionally? What’s actually getting fed when we are in that receiving mode? What are you allowing to be received? And then on the flip side what are you looking to share out into the world? And doing it again from the space of the emotional, the energetic, the mental and the physical. What are you looking for in exchange of that? And what does being seen, heard and witnessed mean for you?’ ~ Anna Grillo

Anna Grillo is a Transformation Coach and HR Professional, who helps purpose-driven, high achievers and their families to recover from burnout, transform fear and doubt into heart centred intentional action, and become fully aligned with who they truly are to realise their highest version of themselves.

She blends her well-being experience as a Kinesiologist, EFT Practitioner + Trainer, and Spiritual Companion with her extensive years of corporate human resources, project management, and leadership development.

She supports her clients to calm the chaos in their head, deepen their intuition, and drop the fear so they are able to live a life fully aligned with their soul purpose.

Her definition of Self Love is the ability to listen to oneself and really taking connection deeper. It is being self-aware. How do we integrate the information intot the body. It is the physical, emotional and energetic. To drop into our heart and wisdom and intuition. It is having the courage to listen to oneself and living life choosing that as a way of being.

Her favourite quote is: ‘Know thyself!’ The more we are able to connect in with your true self, pull back the layers and lay down the ego, be vulnerable… it is humbling to see yourself bare, with gorgeous compassion and love for one self. When you love yourself you become unstoppable.

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I had not cultivated a real sense of self
It was the first time I felt seen heard and witnessed
What is it you want to do in life and what’s stopping you?
What makes the human, the soul within tick?
I went from the corporate world to being in kinesiology and pregnant
What is it to be seen heard and witnessed?
It comes down to purpose and clarity.
Our children and partners are our biggest teachers
Children have phases and become our mirror
Cultivate compassion understanding and detachment.
Know thyself – the triggers and the glimmers
The whole aim is to build resilience and adaptability
My guiding pillars are peace, joy and ease
Our self-sabotage will help prove the story negatively
What is it you are truly craving and needing?
Everyone is living their own experiences
It is not a linear process it is the spiral of ascension
Use your breath and oils to help to notice what is coming up
There is a lot of work involved to achieve and beautiful amazing business
It can be done from a very beautiful nurturing way and be our best version
Look through the lens of integration
Know thyself and change the world.


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