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‘If you’re associating exercise with something you don’t like and you’re creating this discipline game, which we certainly see a lot of business owners that have reinforced this through work, it’s a very ‘all or nothing’ mentality. I think the big thing that I really like to guide clients through is a reassociation of habits they are already good at. So, I think this is an area I find a lot of frustration in, is people that absolutely crush it in business, or they’re amazing in certain aspects of their job or their role, but they feel that they are self-sabotaging what’s happening with their health. Health is the ultimate mirror, our body keeps the score, it holds hose thoughts, as physical reactions, that tightness in our muscles all sorts of things that allows us to… well, we can’t cheat the game, right? It’s really going to be an awareness of being in tune with ourselves, we need to give ourselves permission to feel good in the moment.’ ~ Olly Wood

Olly Wood has made it his life’s work to help career driven professionals and business owners get their health back on track. With over 20,000hrs coaching experience working with clients 1:1 and investing multiple 6 figures on real world education with coaches and world leading experts in exercise, nutrition, biochemistry and mindset he developed the Body Reset system. Olly is the founder of Body Reset and is now one of the most sought after experts in the online coaching space for business owners and busy professionals over 40.

His definition of Self Love is giving yourself permission to feel good and to celebrate the wins and guide yourself when you don’t. Be true to yourself. The most resilient people are the ones who are self-compassionate.

His favourite quote is from Tony Robbins: ‘The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life.’

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People walked through the door with a level of stress and inflammation that needed addressing.
We started looking at all the different areas of expertise not leaving any stone unturned.
Is this something you want to do or need to do? Or is it something you have to do or get to do?
There is a whole lot of reframing for you to fall in love with exercising.
A lot of shifts we make will happen by the quality of questions we ask.
What’s the one thing I can do today that makes the day easier?
Clarity of focus is important.
70% of the day is run by an unconscious pattern.
People have to get to a level of discomfort before they make changes.
Disruption is an uncomfortable process.
It’s about small, tiny habits that allow us to build things up long term.
Creating a better relationship with our body is very important.
To enjoy exercise, it is reinforced through repeated actions.
Health is the ultimate mirror.
You start to create associations where you feel better.
We can see everyone as athletes. There’s no end game, no rules, no playbook.
The person who can afford the beach house is often the one that cannot enjoy it.
I am reminded to pause and block me in to my own day.
You get to choose to make a scenario better or worse depending on the story you are telling yourself.
Sun and rain are both part of weather. It’s not bad weather, it’s just bad clothing.
The space between stimulus and response is your choice.
You will reach peak health at around 32 years of age.
It really is a case of how long can I maintain this for? Work towards the long game.
What is your version of success? What do you actually want and why do you want it and where does it come from?
Build the muscle of joy.
It’s about fuel, movement and rest to reverse aging.
We need to be effective at glucose and oxygen utilisation for longevity.
We are not science focused but science informed.
R-full Method – relevance, repair, restore, reinforce.
The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life.

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