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‘But I think, in terms of the brokenness, that side of things, I think that probably comes from experiences that we have in our early years, maybe growing up, maybe through a school situation or series of situations, and then there’s an experience where different sorts of feelings can emerge and belief systems can be developed that are not helpful, that actually can take on a life of their own and then that becomes a story that then become something that we can choose to dis-empower. And that builds resilience. It’s not about, sort of not having any issues or not having any issues to work on, its just knowing if there’s things to delve into then there also the gold you experience and discover along the way.’ Vanessa Finnigan

Vanessa Finnigan has been in the healing field for over 30 years. Starting out as a journalist, she was also a counsellor for Lifeline. Vanessa swapped journalism to become a qualified Psychologist and it was through all of her clinical work and experiences working with children and families that she realised she had a desire to help people process and get through their healing journeys with love and care.

Vanessa has been a freelance writer for magazines for nearly 20 years and is the founder/editor/publisher of Holistic Bliss Magazine, which is now in its 15th year of publication. Vanessa is also an energy facilitator and author of her new book Being Enough – Pitch, Write and be Seen.

Her definition of Self Love is coming out of self-judgement as much as you can and the commitment to your own personal growth and evolution with kindness.

Her favourite quote is from Joseph Campbell:

‘Follow your bliss.’

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Just follow your bliss!
Writing is a way of being in service to my community
It is about having the confidence to pitch your ideas
Something within, a knowing confirmed that true dynamic healing is possible
I felt inspired to create my own publication for my community that was inclusive
I want to share their unique story and step out of the way to do it
It’s like the ‘seekers journey’ where the more you discover about yourself the more you want to continue to find out other things, other aspects.
There are so many learning curves in this journey called life
In psychology we are always learning and always growing
Remove judgements and be clear
Things always line up!
As an editor you have to look after yourself more than the average person
You may need to be in a cocoon for a while
Resistance is part of the whole process
The more we can accept all those different parts and keep going the better
Sometimes one foot in front of the other is all about resting
The giving is always easy when you are a healer, but it is not sustainable without the self-love.
You can do it so just keep going
When we get caught up in outcomes it is not so much fun
Pitching is a way of being creative
Step into our uniqueness and spread that with the world
You do not realise how big each person’s process is
Back yourself and keep going, it allows you to be a powerful contribution in the community
Follow those intuitive hunches, those green intuitive lights!


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